A letter to Classmate Wang, Round Table Class 196—Share the deep feeling after watching the DVD of Picasso.



       Share the deep feeling after watching the DVD of Picasso.

      I received your e-mail yesterday.I am very pleased to know that you had a

good time in London. 

    The Picasso painting you forwarded to me is beautiful and valueless. Just

yesterday,I went to EMBA CLASS. Our course is "Creativity and Innovation". 

   In the class, we discussed the greatest painter, Mr.Picasso, his

success is not  accidental.

   According to the basis of sociology, there are three theories to support

his success. They are Interactions theory, Componential theory, and Multiple

 Social Domain theory.


    In the other words, opportunity,interest,talent,exertion,professional ability,high motivation,resource,environment affection and the family full support are the factors of his success. Of course, his mother gave him the vigorous and active characteristic and his father gave the painting talent, all of these factors make Mr.Picasso become the greatest painter in the world. As his mother said:If Picasso intends to be a general,he will be a general finally.If he intends to be a famous painter, he will be." This word told us that in the stage of human life, you should do your best, do something, look like something.That is the success. This is my deep feeling after watching the DVD of Picasso and report to classmates during the discussing time. I like to share with you.

 Best Regards to you and your family .


                  Yours Sincerely

                  Wen Tzay-Chuen

 Classmate, Round Table Class 196







本篇發表於 LETTER。將永久鏈結加入書籤。



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