A letter to Classmate Chen-Yu



June 25, 2006

Dear Classmate Chen-Yu :                                    

      I am very glad to receive your email. I often review your family pictures in our class web site. I like to find you have a very beautiful and warm home. At the beginning of last December, I retired from the position of the Deputy Commander-in-Chief, ROC NAVY.

   Now I am the President of the Shin-Shin Department Store which is located at Taipei City. I just graduated from the EMBA Class, College of Management, National Sun Yat-Sen University, and got the master degree. In the past two years, every two-week, I must go to university for studying. So weekend for me is busy.

  Having the dream is the most beautiful thing and the hope always follows. In the past time, I had opportunity to serve as Rear Admiral Executive Officer, Office of Deputy Chief of General Staff for Personnel, Ministry of National Defense R.O.C. To establish "Armed Forces Recruiting Organization " was my duty during that time. The Recruitment Center, Ministry of National Defense therefore was founded on Jan 1, 1999.  under my command and control. Now this center has operated for 7 years.  After attending the EMBA Class, marketing and business management are our core courses, I want to use this knowledge to analysis the recruiting situation, market segment, target market , marketing strategy and management of this center. I hope to get some useful conclusion to enhance the marketing strategy and management, and make youths obtain the military information of joining the ROC military academies in time, and therefore Armed Forces can enhance quality of cadres.

   The master thesis can be finished, I must thank Professor Jun-Ying Huang, and Professor Chang-Yung Liu who are my directive professors. Without their serious direction, my dream can not be true. Without their full support, I can not have such a great power and courage to challenge my life. I am very glad, before the age of 60,  I finally finish the mission impossible. I got the master degree and excellent study award during the Graduation Ceremony. That is a wonderful study trip for me. From now, I like to share the useful knowledge with you.

Hope to keep contact..

 Best regards to you and your family.

                                 Yours Sincerely

             Classmate Wen Tzay-Chuen 



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