A letter to Jim and Joy Carey, USS DD-790, 2010 08 10

Dear Jim and Joy Carey:
I am very glad to receive your email again. From your message, I know that you and your wife safely arrived at Bolinao Harbor, Philippines.

Although there are 100 nautical miles to go for Subic Bay, safety is always the most important thing for a sailor. Therefore, to select a good weather is needed, especially, the displacement of your yacht is not enough large.

You and your wife are the most qualified sailors that I have ever known. Sailing with you and your wife for the race on the sea near the Tainan City, it is a wonderful experience for me. I did not have had the opportunity to yacht again, since I was relieved of the job of deputy secretary, the Chinese Taipei Sailing Association in 1990. During that time I was Captain, and was relieved of the job, the Chief of Training Section, General Headquarters ROCN, at the same time. I was assigned to be the commanding officer, Division 268, Destroyer Squadron 146, Markun, Penghu. There were 6 guided missile destroyers under my command.

Sailing with you and your wife for the race is unforgettable for me. I am very sorry that I can not contact with you actively. In the past 30 days, it was my harder time. The mother of my wife got sick. She belonged to the last period of lung cancer. She had lived in the Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital since 2010/07/05. She accepted the palliative care. Her condition was worse and worse. Finally, she died on 2010/07/24. We all loved her very much. We were very sad for getting lost our most respective mother.

According the customs, before finishing her funeral, our family members must stop any social activity. Calling on any friend is not proper. We had many Buddha ceremonies to be held before her funeral. We call it 7×7 49 days. We must stay at home except the Buddha ceremonies and going to the office. Sorry, I missed the chance to meet you again.

I am very pleased to know that you finally touched the main deck of USS DD 790 (ROCS DDG-920) which was under 35 meters of sea level. As I know, after our ship becoming an artificial reef, you are the first destroyer man of USS DD 790 (ROCS DDG-920) to touch our common ship. After all, it is our common memory. You touch our heart very deeply. I am proud of you and your wife. Behind a successful man, there is a great woman. She supports you without any complain. I sincerely hope that you and your wife can finish your dream of circumnavigation by yacht in 3 years. I think that your dream will become true eventually.
Best regards to you and your family.


Vice Admiral Wen Tzay-Chuen (Retired)

ROC Navy 2010/08/10

本篇發表於 LETTER, ROC NAVY, 校友會。將永久鏈結加入書籤。



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