A wedding reception 2011 08 01

A wedding reception 2011 08 01
The day before yesterday, at noon, I took part in a wedding reception (banquet) at Han-Lai restaurant of Kaohsiung. On this occasion, I am very pleased to meet many old classmates and friends. We find we all are getting older and older. The time is not wanting for everyone and goes fast.

My classmate, who is a skipper of cargo ship, invited me to witness the great and full of love moment. As I understand, it is a long story. His daughter went to USA five years ago. She met her husband there. They studied at same university. Her husband came from Indonesia. Owing to study each other, they have had more time to get together for five years. They soon fall in love. After they graduated from the university, they decided to get married and live in Indonesia. Now the young couple fly to Taiwan from Indonesia. Their parents invite relatives and close friends to this wedding reception. This is the first time, her husband come to Taiwan. He looks like very happy to enjoy his honey moon.

本篇發表於 圖書, 校友會。將永久鏈結加入書籤。



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