A lunch at Han-Hsien restaurant. Thanks a lot. 2011 08 07

A lunch at Han-Hsien restaurant 2011 08 07
My son invited me and all my members of family to enjoy a lunch at Han-Hsien restaurant, Kaohsiung on August 7. Han-Hsien restaurant is a good food paradise, especially providing the Cantonese food. My family transferred to Taiwan from Canton of the Mainland China, in 1949. I like Cantonese food very much.

We went to Han-Hsien restaurant by sedan at 1200. We celebrated the Father’s Day a day in advance. When we arrived at the destination, we found a lot of people were in the waiting area and falling in line one by one. We soon got number card. Our number was 67.The waitress told us that we would wait about 30 minutes at least. We listened to the music or read the newspaper. Fortunately, the restaurant is big enough to accommodate more than 50-tables for customers to enjoy the food at the same time. Each table has 4 to 10 seats. Small table has 4 seats, medium table has 6 seats and the large one has 10 seats.
They provided the food to every table by small cart. We can take a look at food and quickly order what we like and enjoy it at once.
After more than 30 minutes, the waitress called number 67; it was our turn to have lunch. We ordered a lot of food we liked to have and drunk tea. It was a wonderful time and lunch for us. We had a good time on Sunday.

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