Happy life. Johnson Wen 2011/08/14 温在春

Happy life. Johnson Wen 2011/08/14

I like to play golf with my classmates I am very close to, on a weekly basis. We all retired from different working place. We have more time to enjoy our life now . Usually, on Tuesday at 8 Am, we go to Golf Course at Tsoying to start our game. We usually take 4 hours for a round of golf -18 holes. After game, we take a shower, then we like to try different kind of food. We change different restaurant each time. This week is my turn to be host. I select the northern food of the Mainland China. I like beef noodle . We enjoy each other’s family. We talk about everything from wonderful life in the work, sports, family to weekend plans. We always have a good time on Tuesday.

本篇發表於 飲食, 健康, 嗜好, 心得報告。將永久鏈結加入書籤。



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