Bless for my youngest brother’s mother-in-law and to see my uncle in Taipei. Johnson Wen 2011/08/15 温在春

Bless for my youngest brother’s mother-in-law and to see my uncle in Taipei.

Last weekend, I went to Taipei by Taiwan High Speed Rail. My youngest brother’s mother-in-law died two weeks ago.

On August 12, her family worshiped her in a public memorial ceremony before her cremation. I mourned for the death of his mother-in-law. Having a Buddhist ceremony, we bless for her.

As we know, in Taiwan, the cemetery is not enough. The question is more and more serious. Now people begin to accept the concept of cremation. But 20 years ago, that was impossible. Only a few people could accept this concept. Therefore, the burial was selected by most of family during that time.

Now, usually after cremation, the bone ashes would be put into a small and round barrel made from earthenware and porcelain. The family can carry this barrel to temple, home or martyr shrine for everlasting worship. The temple will request the customer to pay 80’000 to 100’000 Yuan New Taiwan Dollar for each barrel space. Using the martyr shrine space is not needed to pay, if the dead died for the country. But the application is needed. This is current commercial information and custom in Taiwan.

On Sunday, I continued to stay in Taipei. I went to see my uncle and went together to check a new apartment my uncle purchased one month ago. The apartment has being decorated since last month. My uncle will remove to his new house after ghost month. I came back home on Sunday night by Taiwan High Speed Rail.

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