Where there is life, there is hope. Johnson Wen 2011/08/19 温在春

The life learning for old people. Where there is life, there is hope. Johnson Wen 2011/08/19

On Wednesday morning, I went to the Ever-Youth Studying Center located at Fu-Min Road. This center is supported by the Kaohsiung City Government and near the Studying Center of the China Youth Corps in the Tsoying District.

The Ever-Youth Studying Center is a place that provides the different courses to old people. There are more than 26 courses people can select, such as foreign language, computer use, ballad, dancing,cooking, exercise, KTV, etc.

The tuition is free for the people whose age is over 90. Each course tuition is 200 Yung NTD for 65 to 89 years-old people. 500 Yung is for the 60-64 years-old people. 1000 Yung is for the 55 to 59 years-old people. Below 54 years old, the tuition is 1500 Yung. There are 3 semesters in one year. Each semester has 4-month long.

Only over 65 years-old people have the qualification to register in the first phase. There is the different number limit of people in each class. Only the number of people is not enough to organize a class, usually there are 40-80 students in one class, other people can register in the second phase. After registering, to draw lots is needed for them. My age is below 65. I am very lucky to get lots one month ago. Now I get the chance to attend the fashion and popular music class and KTV class. I learn the different songs, such as the Taiwanese song and Chinese song. This is the first time I attend the class of old people for life learning. I met a lot of old people whose age is larger than I. This is a different and wonderful experience for me.

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