Who can turn the corner to win the election? October 1, 2011 温在春

Who can turn the corner to win the election? October 1, 2011
The candidate who can well handle economic issues, the cross Taiwan Strait relationship and racial integration, will turn the corner to win the election.

China Post reported on Sunday that Ma has opened a campaign office in the crucial electoral region, Taichung. Ma and his main contender, Tsai Ing-wen from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), are strong in the north and south respectively, and results in central Taiwan may be decisive. But factional conflicts in central Taiwan have given the KMT some of its worst headaches in the past(most serious obsticals).
After I reading the article, I think that Ma faces a tough challenge in holding onto the ROC Presidency in 2012. Most of people in Taiwan, they are still concerned about the pace of the economic recovery, this is clearly one of the huge challenges President Ma faces in his bid to get reelected. The economy will be one of the prominent issues in this election.

The cross strait relationship is also the key point. I am also very concerned about a peaceful relationship between the Mainland China and Taiwan. Every year, there are more than 5 million Taiwanese people visiting, traveling, and trading in the Mainland China. From last year, the people of Mainland China are permitted to visit and go sightseeing in Taiwan via group travel. Individuals from Mainland China have also been permitted to go sightseeing in Taiwan since July, this year. The military strategy across the Taiwan Strait has been hostile since 1949, but now the relationship between civil society in Taiwan and China is peaceful and growing rapidly. More than 20% of the population in Taiwan has relatives in the Mainland China. They frequently go back and forth via airplane and ship. This is a fantastic relationship that is different from the other countries. We have close commerce and cultural relationships.
In Taiwan, we all hope there will be no more war. We are eager for peace. We want a better life and more opportunity to work. Although, racial conflict and hostility has always happened, during the elections. Post election, it seems nothing happens. Now Tsai’s running mate, the DPP’s Su Jia-chyuan may not be as popular as he was during his mayoral campaign last year, following a series of image-breaking allegations, including one that his house in Pingtung is illegal.

Tsai’s policy on Mainland China is still ambiguous. Obviously, she and her running mate, both face some headwinds. Meanwhile, People First Party Chairman James Soong continues collecting endorsements for his presidential campaign, amid reports that support has been coming in much slower than expected. His poll numbers are not higher than other candidates and faltering. Now most people do not think that he has the opportunity to win the election. Ma’s poll numbers are higher than Tsai by only a thin margin, 7% according to a TVBS newest report. I think the candidate who can well handle economic issues, the relationship across the Taiwan Strait and racial integration, will turn the corner to win the election.

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