The Seven Wonders of the World 世界七大奇蹟. 温在春

The Seven Wonders of the World 世界七大奇蹟.

Yesterday, I read an email with a beautiful power point a friend of mine sent to me. I think this email is meaningful for us. I like to translate it into English and share with you.

In an elementary school, there was a group of students to be asked by their teacher about this question. The teacher asked” Please tell me. What are the Seven Wonders of the World in your heart? You have five minutes to answer my question.”Most of students answered as follows:

1. Grand Canyon (美國大峽谷)

2. Taj Mahal (印度的泰姬陵)

3. Egyptian pyramids(埃及的金字塔)

4. The Great Wall of China(中國的萬里長城)

5. Panama Canal(巴拿馬運河)

6. Peter’s Basilica in Rome( 羅馬大教堂)

7. America’s Empire State Building( 美國帝國大廈)

When the time was up, the teacher began to collect the answer sheet. But one of girl students could not finish the answers in time.

The teacher said “May I help you?” The little girl said “Teacher, in my mind, there are many wonders in the world. Still, I can not decide, what are the 7 Wonders of the World?”

The teacher said” Do not be worried about it, just write down what you think over. It is ok! I can help you finish your answers.” The little girl hesitated to answer the question. She said” I think that the Seven Wonders of the World are as follows:

1. To see. We can see all the beautiful and good things in the world.

2. To hear. We can hear the happy songs and the birds and insects calling sound.

3. To touch

We can touch the new, interesting and curious things.

4. To taste

We can taste the delicious and good foods.

5. To laugh loudly

We can laugh loudly when we are happy or like something or people.

6. To feel

We can feel the deep concerns and regards from our relatives and good friends.

7. To love and to be loved

We can love what I like and be loved by people we like and love.

After the little girl terminated her report, all students in the class were suddenly silent. Because, in our life, we often ignore that the simplest and most normal things are our wonders. If we can not have these 7 life wonders (1.To see2.To hear 3.To touch 4. To taste 5.To laugh loudly 6.To feel 7.To love and to be loved), our life is no more wonderful again. All of these great wonders will be disappeared from our realistic life. Our need is not much, to hold it simply is happiness. May God bless you have happiness forever.

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