Happy weekend life. Revised copy. 2011 11 21 温在春

Happy weekend life.
On every Saturday morning, my wife always uses the Roomba my son bought in the United State last year to clean the house. My house is large, with an area of 265 square meters and 5 floors. Each floor has two or three rooms. If we use our manpower to clean it; it is easy to be tired and spend too much of our time doing routine chores.

Before using the Roomba, charging the battery is needed. The Roomba can lift the dirt, pet hair and other debris from all areas of my floors, including under and around furniture and all along wall edges. Roomba can automatically adjust between floor types to vacuum carpets, hardwood, tile and linoleum floors.

Since having the Roomba, my wife has been very happy and has had more time to do other chores for the family. My eldest son and I are always responsible for mopping the floors. We all have designated chores to be done.
In my family, my wife likes to cook. She does not like anyone to stay at kitchen while she is cooking. She always cooks delicious food for our family. She is a busy employee working in the Marine Corps. I have already retired. Before and after the meal, cleaning up is my routine work, including, cleaning the dinnerware, dishes, food, vegetables, meat, fish and cooking the rice. Team cooperation makes our family life better and happy.

During the afternoon, from 2 to 4 PM, is always a happy time for us. Some of my naval academy’s classmates and their wives who are interested in singing, will come to my home to practice songs. Our class of 1969, alumni association, organized two choirs, one is in Taipei, and the other is in Kaohsiung. Every choir has 12 to 15 members. In Kaohsiung, we always meet and practice the popular and folk songs on every Saturday afternoon. The conductor is Captain Feng. He is retired. At tea time, we talk about our past and the happy life and we always lead recent funny things. When Chinese lunar New Year comes, we always have a classmate dinner party. We will use the occasion to get together, perform a play and sing the songs for our classmates and their wives returning from different countries and overseas.

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