Tsai ‘Regrets’ Persimmon Confusion 談蔡英文對柿子事件致歉 Johnson Wen December 1, 2011

Tsai ‘Regrets’ Persimmon Confusion蔡英文對柿子事件致歉
Johnson Wen December 1, 2011
On November 29th, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen said she regretted any possible confusion over a mismatched persimmons photo in a calendar that has triggered cross-party fire.
As a matter of fact, we seldom find that the price of persimmon is only NT$2 per catty (600 grams) in the market. There are three kinds of persimmons. There are sweet persimmon, red persimmon and water persimmon. The sweet one is the most expensive. We usually can buy it in the traditional market. Three large sweet persimmons cost about NT$100. However, the photo in DDP propaganda showed the price of NT$ 2 per catty. The DDP claim the photo was merely a mismatch with the listed price: a different variety of persimmons that is only worth NT$2 per catty now.
Obviously, the DDP was wrong. Tsai Ing-wen is just like water spinach(空心菜) . She always tells us the principles everyone knows. She was a famous professor. She sounds good. However, the “Taiwan Consensus” that Tsai Ing-wen embraces was only a blank check. Parts of her political views were seriously lack of feasibility, adaptability and acceptability.
I think that the DDP’s propaganda caused great confusion about true market price. It has been a disaster for many farmers. Some people are thinking that the price of persimmons is too high and have stopped purchasing persimmons. Now a lot of persimmons are unmarketable. I think that the DDP are using the farmers as an elective tool. However, this time, the DDP met a setback. As an old Chinese proverb goes, “To often walk in the dark road, sooner or later, you will meet ghost.” Now Taiwanese farmers have the opportunity to know the character of the DDP.
The previous wave “3 small pigs “, the DPP may feel very good. At the beginning of last month, the DDP said Ma Ying-jeou met with a business leader known in the gambling industry. Mr. Chen Inn-Ju(陳盈助),He is a known leader of mofia in Taiwan. Mofia is often referred to as black gold in our society. But as a matter of fact, he donated a lot of money to the DDP political elites during the local election activities and a lot of poor people were assisted when they needed. He has also helped the local government with money to assist weak political groups. His gambling enterprises have been opened in the Philippines and Macao, but not in Taiwan. He has earned a lot of money in foreign countries for many years. The DDP politicians and a lot of civilian in JA-I County consider him a very good guy, not a criminal. Ironically, we say “black gold has become good. Mr. Chen Inn-Ju(陳盈助) has become an elective tool of the DDP. No wonder, many poor people and weak groups have complained about the Democratic Progressive Party.
The recent “persimmon storm" has intensified. The malicious propaganda campaign was clearly to distort the fruit market and seriously damaged the interests of farmers and their feelings. However, the DPP did not admit the error strongly. This is the reason why most farmers in Taiwan are not sided (support) with the DDP. Ma’s poll numbers are higher than Tsai by a thin margin, only 8%, according to the China Time report yesterday. I still think the candidate who can well handle economic issues, the relationship across the Taiwan Strait and racial integration, will turn the corner to win the election.
This morning, I saw on TVBS, Tsai Ing-wen eventually admitted her party’s fruit propaganda was wrong. She apologized to the farmers. However, the farmers have already
suffered the damages. Farmers will use their votes in hand to take back axiom and justice.
The End!

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