Re: Free Times Report: USS Shelton retired sailor looks for the information about ROCS DDG-920

From: J C
Date: 2010/8/9 下午 04:53:46
To: EMBA7 & Class 1969 溫在春Round Table 196
Subject: Re: Free Times Report: USS Shelton retired sailor looks for the information about ROCS DDG-920

Dear Admiral Wen,

Sorry I didn’t have a chance to give you a call when we got back to Kaohsiung from Penghu, we needed to get going to the Philippines while we could take advantage of favorable weather. We are now in Bolinao, Philippines waiting for better weather to make the last 100 miles to Subic Bay.

I did accomplish the dive on the Lao Yang, I made arrangements for a boat and diver through Mr. Yan at Makung Divers. The boat operator and the diver were very good, they found the ship and hooked it with a grapple. We tested the current for about 45 minutes and when it slacked off a bit we dove to the main deck which was at 35 meters. I had my camera but the water visibility was very poor, less than two meters. It was early morning on an overcast day so the light was not very good either. About five minutes after arriving at the ship I had an equipment malfunction that caused me to come to the surface, when we came up we found a large squall was moving in, I thought about trying a temporary repair to my gear but based on the fact that the visibility was poor and no chance for photos and the approaching squall I decided it wasn’t worth it to go back down. The important thing was I got to see the ship and touch it after 40 years!

I would like to thank you so much for all you did for me, the dinners, the tour of the Naval Academy and the tour of the TeYang were very special for me and it was really a treat to have you come sail with us for the race!
We had a wonderful time in Taiwan that I will never forget. I hope one day (after we are finished with our circumnavigation) that I will have a chance to invite you to the U.S. for a Shelton reunion.

Your friend,
Jim Carey

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